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Lietcorp and A1 Retail Magazine Discuss Retail Lighting

Want to know the secret of great retail lighting for shops, staff and customers alike? Then read on...

Mark Blythe, our CEO, high lights the reasons to choose good quality LEDs for retail outlets.

"LED lighting uses less energy than traditional light sources and offers the most efficient lumen per watt measurement. They also give off significantly less heat than metal halide and halogens, reducing the need for air conditioning. 

The lower temperature also means that they last longer, meaning they do not need to be replaced as frequently as incandescent lamps. Additionally LEDs are maintenance free, so there is no down time for re-lamping.

By keeping operating costs as low as possible, it will enable retailers to lower prices and keep price promises. By becoming innovative and looking at new technologies that enhance the shopping experience, retailers can stay ahead of the game."

Read the full article here, see P14.

September 2013


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