LuxLive 2013 saw Lietcorp take to the stage to debate and present ideas, case studies and technical knowledge on LEDs and lighting.

L-R, Theo Paradise-Hirst of NDYLight, Gordon Routledge of Lux, Holly McLoughlin of BRE and Nick Clark of Lietcorp.
NIck Clark panel debate LuxLive 2013.JPG

A range of experts

Nick Clark debated the importance of industrial lighting with other industry pundits, whilst Marco Wendling gave a LED 101 style presentation on how to choose the right LED. Our client, Adrian Tonks of Winn and Coales, manufacturers of Denso, also shared his experience of Lietcorp LEDs with other lighting end-users in his case study presentation in the EcoLight Theatre.

Marco Wendling CPD LuxLIve.JPGNick Clark intro Adrian Tonks Denso LuxLIve 2013.JPG

November 2013


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