Everything Facilities Managers wanted to know about LED lighting but were afraid to ask! Lietcorp speak to FMUK Magazine.

Mark Blythe outlines the key issues facing Facilities Managers when choosing LED lighting. From cost, to sustainability, from performance to health & safety benefits. Here are a few excerpts...

"On average, organisations could look to save up to 60% on their energy whilst also dramatically reducing their carbon emissions. Paybacks should be around the two year period and the lighting life span should last for the full refurbishment cycle of the building.

The ability to reduce costs and energy wastage while also being able to maintain a safe working environment is a skill that many facilities managers strive to achieve.

Despite these benefits, many organisations remain wary of choosing LEDs and with good reason. Inflated performance promises, often from overseas suppliers, who instead provide cheap, badly made LEDs with a lack of instructions on how to properly install and use the products, has resulted in catastrophic experiences for those on the receiving end."

For the full article in FMUK Magazine, click here and flick to page 30.

September 2013


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